RV Cleaner That Works

Cleaning thousands of RVs a month, Mary Taylor of Aqua Wash Pressure Cleaning stated, “I was in search of finding the best RV was on the market to be able to assist our crews in using only one soap, yet strong enough to get the black streaks and bugs off without stripping any paints and decals. Black streaks are inevitable and will come back. The longer the black streaks stay on the RV, the deeper they will be embedded, causing a difficult task to remove.”

Working with a chemist for 7 years, Aqua Wash created and perfected XT3. “The Original HaRVey Cleaner Black Streak Remover & All Purpose Cleaner,” used exclusively by Aqua Wash RV Cleaning. Seeing the results firsthand, RV Dealership Managers began requesting samples of XT3 for their detail departments to try. “It just makes the job of washing an RV that much easier. It is less time consuming than having to use 4 different chemicals to get the job done & cuts back on washing time.”

“We get enough of a workout scrubbing 100’s of RV’s each day, and we wanted to make the crew’s daily work easier on their shoulders and arms.”

Mary says with a smile. 🙂


Did you know that dirt, bugs, tar, and other road residue can harm the surface of your RV? Used by professionals, The HaRVey Line was created specifically for the RV and Boat Industry. XT3 Black Streak Remover is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean your entire RV exterior. You’ll be amazed at how quickly XT3 can wipe away a variety of problems from bugs to road oil and more. Used for a variety of cleaning applications, XT3 also works great on roofs, awnings, and wheels. XTX, also known as HaRVey Extreme, is designed to remove heavy oxidation and severe black streaks that exist on older RVs and Boats. Just a little XTX can make your RV or Boat shine again!

XTW2 is HaRVey’s high-quality Wash & Wax that will effectively clean your RV or Boat while helping to make the finish on your Coach last longer. Its concentrated formula has Carnauba Wax in it, to help put a sheen on it, leaving your RV and Boat looking bright and clean. XTW2 is gentle enough to use regularly, without stripping the existing wax. Cleaning your RV and Boat will take some time. But taking care of your RV & Boat is an investment that can pay off if you choose to resell in the future!